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“You’ll go on a journey with her as she shares her experience in a warm, transparent way through journal entries, stories, and thoughtful quotes. Reading Chessid makes me feel like I’m out to dinner with my dearest, closest, and wisest friend.”-Courtney K.


“It could equally be talking about addictions or other habits gone out of control… and the author, Davina Chessid, addresses many of the related issues with deep understanding and clarity…but also with humor and wit. ”-Jennifer C.


“This was an open, honest, engaging and enjoyable story that explores our relationship with food and how food is something we often use to mask our emotions, preventing us from knowing what is really going on inside of us and preventing us from providing the right nourishment to meet our needs.”-Tina T.


“The author draws you in as she speaks in first person about her own battle with food. Ms. Chessid brings the reader into her mental pull and tug conversations about the temptations of giving in to eating that “sinful” food. She shows a delightful sense of humor as she describes the all too common thought process that many of us with a sweet tooth experience when we try to justify not to take that first bite of the forbidden food. ”-Lilly B.


“This hilarious, unflinchingly honest journal chronicles the author’s dysfunctional relationship with food. She writes very well: her luscious prose is as delectable as the forbidden foods she writes about.”-Rebecca C.


“This book really is a homerun. It’s not a diet book, telling you this whole huge list of do not’s and a tiny list of what’s ok to eat or do. This book recognizes that we all have reasons why we don’t want to change, and instead of telling you to “man up and just diet already”, the author relates to you with her own fears and reasons.”-Sarai T.


“As a guy I wasn’t sure if this is going to hold my attention as it is obviously written from a woman perspective. I do have my food problems and was really curious about this book so I gave it a try. It is surprisingly entertaining, and I got to say I enjoyed the descriptions of a food in the book almost as much as eating them, they are so vivid and obviously written with love. ”-Peter L.


“Food Crazy Mind is the humorous, honest, internal dialog that Davina Chessid goes through as she battles her desires to enjoy the food she eats. By reading her journey, we realize that we all have a compulsion or two that we’d like to tame – whether it be shopping too much, gossiping or some other persistent behavior we wish we didn’t have.”-Debbie L.


“Holy Cow Wow! I have been on diets, non-diets and hit the resistance wall many times. But I always felt alone and frankly diminished. When I began reading this book, I was part relieved and part in shock. I was not alone. I was not the only one who fights mentally with change, food and body image. I had to double check myself because it is like I had written it. Of course, I didn’t but you get my point. Davina was writing my story, the inner story that I never told anyone, the fear, the self-debasement and the play by play of facing down a box of goodies.”-S. Rhinehart


“Food Crazy Mind is my story all the way. It is like looking in a mirror while reading this book. The author truly nailed it with the crazy thoughts we can have toward food and staying in our fat prisons. I too have lost weight only to put it back on with a vengeance. It is very easy read with some humorous moments throughout the book. It’s well-written and easy to understand and apply. I highly recommend reading it.” -Lora Boulding

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