I believe in the power of journaling!  Writing the journal that led to the book Food Crazy Mind transformed my thinking and led me to a happier, healthier place. I believe journaling can do the same for you. Whatever kind of journal you choose, enjoy it… and let it be a source of comfort, information and personal growth.

Guided Journals

Food Crazy Mind Eating Awareness Journals
Personal Food & Health Trackers
Sleep Journals

Sleep Journal: Counting Sheep: Eight Weeks of Tracking Your Sleep Patterns

Sleep Journal: Hugging the Pillow: Eight Weeks of Tracking Your Sleep Patterns

Dream Journals

Dream Journal: A Guided Journal for Capturing and Exploring Dreams

Freeform Journals

If you prefer freeform journals, head on over to Amazon and check out Premise Content Journals.  You’ll find a wide variety of beautiful covers and interiors to choose from!