Is Your Happiness on Hold?

Are you putting off life until you’ve lost weight?

What if weight is not the biggest problem or struggle in your life, but rather a clue to unlocking the mystery of a happy, healthy future?

At some point in the past, you searched for a way to protect, hide, distract, comfort or help you express yourself… and you chose food.

Maybe, as a child you needed a distraction from a stressful situation… and a cookie, a cupcake or a bag of chips worked; food was a great choice at that time. However, now you would benefit from addressing the underlying issues, so you can live a healthier, happier life.

Or maybe the choice of food as the way to cope with anxiety or distress was not so far in the past, maybe eating soothes your feelings of worry or turns you away from disturbing circumstances.

It takes focused attention to remember why we turned to food so long ago and/or why (and how) we choose to use it now.

When your eating is out of control, your behavior is pointing to valuable insights about your past or present inner life – it’s shining a spotlight on some very familiar questions.

Questions like:

Why did I eat that?

What was I thinking?

How could I do that to myself?

If you look at your relationship with food as a scavenger hunt and follow the clues, the shining treasure at the end is not just weight loss, but self-awareness and understanding. That change in perspective is key.

When we change the focus from stuck to moving forward into insight, we make it possible to be happy now, at any weight.

Download the FREE Journal Template Eating Awareness for Binge Eaters

Download the FREE Journal Template Eating Awareness for Emotional Eaters

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Click here for the Eating Awareness Journal for Emotional Eaters.

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