About Davina

In January of 2016, I published Food Crazy Mind. I never expected it to be a bestseller, but it immediately hit #1 and remains on the bestseller list after more than a year.

Food Crazy Mind wasn’t meant just for other people who struggle to manage their relationship with food; it was for me, too. It was my way of finding a solution to the craziness of living with an eating disorder.

Do you suffer from compulsive eating, binge eating or emotional eating and the reduced quality of life that accompanies these?

You’re not alone.

In Food Crazy Mind, I share my craziest moments. I reveal details of the thinking that used to shame and embarrass me – thinking that led to eating in secret, digging in the garbage pail and so much more. Whether obvious or hidden, the effects of out-of-control eating color every aspect of life.

In Food Crazy Mind, I document my first steps on the path to a saner mindset and healthier eating. If you’re anything like me, harsh programs don’t work, only compassionate understanding and a new way of thinking can provide effective, sustainable change.

Most of us know the kind of choices that are healthy for us when it comes to food. But too many people turn weight loss into a crusade. Their days and nights are centered around food, fat and body issues.

Whether or not they lose weight, gain weight or maintain their weight, they lose themselves. Their self-esteem suffers, and they feel disappointed and hopeless. I know how that feels.

I found a way to hold on to my self-esteem, even as I worked to change my disordered eating behavior. I found a way to be happy and stay motivated.

Those who overcome disordered eating don’t usually succeed on their first try… it takes resilience. With the right tools, we can reach our goals on just about any reasonable and safe eating plan… if we find a way to stay the course.

After wrangling with my demons, I’ve come to a place of peace and now I’m honored to help others use the strategies and solutions I found; not only solutions about food and weight loss, but about living a full and happy life while approaching the challenge of healthier eating.

Drawing on over 20 years as a personal coach, I’m sharing what I’ve discovered about how to create and maintain positive self-esteem and a joyful outlook on life, through the process of creating a new relationship with food.

If you’re interested in my services or would like to know more about the Food Crazy Mind approach, click here. I can’t wait to hear from you!