Stop letting food rule your life!

I’m Davina Chessid, bestselling author and life coach. I know what it's like to suffer from eating issues – for years I struggled with the diminished self-worth and lowered self-esteem that accompany compulsive eating. I can help you learn to like yourself as you are, while you work on changing your thinking and behavior around food. 

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Is your happiness on hold? 

Are you food crazy?

Are you a prisoner of unhealthy habits?

So many hairstyles I could have tried but my face was too fat, so many dresses I could have worn but my legs were too big, all the places I could have gone, experiences I could have enjoyed, and life I could have lived. What stopped me? A brownie? A lemon square?

Despite what you know about excess weight and weight loss, you just can't get yourself under control. Your behavior constantly surprises, disappoints and mystifies you. Your thoughts are always wandering to the next meal.

Break the connection between thoughts and destructive behavior with easy-to-do techniques in bite-sized steps. Create Healthier, more effective habits with these tips, tricks and hacks. 

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I Know How You Feel

I struggled with out-of-control appetite, mindless eating and diets that didn't work. I found solutions I want to share with you. Read my bestselling book, Food Crazy Mind, and find out how I learned to deal with compulsive eating.

Sheri Farley

"The witty and charmingly honest writing is engaging page after page....Chessid offers insight and answers that can only come from someone who has been there and done that."  

I am a life coach and former serial dieter...

If you’re someone who – like me -- has spent years struggling with disordered eating, I can give you the tools and support to build your self-esteem and gain the clarity you need to win at weight loss and happiness. I can show you how to stop food from ruining your life.

Courtney Kenney

"A fresh approach to a familiar and exasperating subject."  

Make peace with food. I can help you:


Stop waiting to be happy

Control your Food Crazy Mind 

Control your Food Crazy Mind

Create healthier habits 

Manage your food without destroying your self-esteem.

If you’re like most of my clients, you’ve disappointed yourself time and again by failing to stick with your diet or food plan. Your quality of life has been diminished by constant struggles with eating, weight and body image.

You want to feel normal when it comes to food… to be happy now... and to keep food from ruining your life… but you're stuck. You may not even believe there’s an answer for you.

Marjory Harris

"Davina relates with humor and loving kindness her struggles with food and weight. She offers a sound method for overcoming mindless eating."

Does this sound like you?


You doubt your ability -  and sometimes, even your commitment - to change your relationship with food?

You fear you’ll never get a handle on your eating or your weight?

You worry that your health and your future are at risk because of your behavior around food?

You wish someone could guide you on the path to healthy eating?

You’re not alone. I know what it feels like to wish food wasn't ruining my life. For years, I struggled with my food crazy mind, placing my love for food above my love for life… and suffering the consequences.

I finally realized that food wasn’t the issue, nor was what I ate or what I weighed. The problem was how I lived. Once I figured that out, I made it my goal to find meaning, balance and joy.

Life can be full and exciting at any size. If we strive to fill our hearts, we can let go of the unhealthy focus on filling our plates.

​I coach people who are ready to stop the craziness and find a better path to health and happiness. I’m on that path myself and ​following it with joy. You can, too.

You don't have to do this alone

I'd like to be your personal coach and help you navigate the challenge of a creating a healthier happier life. 

You don’t have to wait until you reach your ideal weight to be happy.  There is meaning and value in the process today.

About the Author

Davina Chessid is a personal development and life coach.  Her struggle with out-of-control eating has helped her understand, connect and work effectively with clients facing a similar challenge. When it comes to food, she's found a way to lose the crazy but keep the love. She was voted one of the top ten life coaches in New York (NYWICI) where she gives workshops, coaches clients through the Food Crazy Mind Program and designs journals for Premise Content on Amazon.

Davina Chessid

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